The Lawhill Maritime Centre at Simon’s Town School accommodates 57 Grade 10-12 maritime students drawn from communities across South Africa and Namibia. Because of the high risk of infection in a boarding environment, it was important to know the COVID-19 status of all our students as the vast majority were travelling from areas deemed as ‘’high risk’’ and many lived in homes and communities where it was difficult to comply with social distancing and other COVID-19 safety protocols. The bulk of the testing (52 tests) were done on site at our hostel by BioSmart and we could not have asked for a more professional and caring team to administer these tests. Our sincere thanks to Dr Jenny Leslie and her team for all the assistance provided.”

Debbie Owen, Head: STS Lawhill Maritime Centre

Great experience and very efficient service, feedback and support. I would not hesitate using Biotech again. Great appreciation for a quick turnaround on tests and fantastic administrative support. Very professional team. Big thumbs up to Biotech Africa.

Maryke Musson

After a potential COVID exposure, I needed to be tested quickly, firstly to resume work and secondly to protect my loved ones. Biotech Africa has a mobile test facility at the end of Kendal Road and I chose to be tested there. Upon arrival I was immediately impressed by the staff assisting people, white lab coats and a sense of "don't worry, we've got this" and the willingness to get you attended to quickly, albeit working on a Sunday. I had some technical issues with my phone and managed to make some payment errors. The staff were incredibly patient with me and helped every step of the way. With these errors of mine I managed to double pay, only to find out when I arrived home. One email and this problem was solved. If you find yourself in this situation, get hold of Biotech Africa, every step was professional and really hassle free.

Clive Pyper

On behalf of Mould A Foam I would like to thank you for the phenomenal services. 

Biotech’s service and less than 24-hour turnaround time is outstanding, it puts all of us at ease.

Kirstie Killassy - GM Mould A Foam

I went to have a COVID test at the Constantia location today, and I just want to tell you it was absolutely the best experience I’ve had yet. The two men that work there were so wonderful, friendly, helpful and entertaining. Akhona (I hope that’s how you spell his name) was an absolute GEM! Who knew a PCR test could be such a vibe! I even posted a story on my IG and tagged you. Thank you for setting up these locations, making it so available, seamless and affordable, and for having such angels as employees!

Sarah Lea